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Role of campus police

Police Authority

The University of Illinois at Chicago Police Department (UICPD) is a duly constituted police department that derives its police authority under the provisions of Chapter 110, Section 307/7, Illinois Complied Statutes 1992 (University of Illinois Act). UICPD, as an organization, is governed by a comprehensive set of policies issued to provide best practice guidelines in the implementation of UICPD’s mission, which is to provide twenty-four/ seven patrol coverage to promote and maintain public security and order under law and to foster a sense of safety and well being in the campus community. The UIC Police Department does not recognize non-campus locations that may be owned or operated by a student organization. Criminal activity that takes place at non-campus locations are monitored by local police departments.


  • Enforcement of laws and ordinances
  • Investigation of crimes, traffic accidents, and other disorders
  • Maintenance of records, identification, and communications within the department
  • Regulation and control of traffic
  • Protection of university buildings and grounds

Response Policy

Police units will be immediately dispatched to the location of all in-progress criminal activities. Police reports will be generated for all criminal activity on campus. Follow-up investigations of reported criminal activity are assigned on a case-by-case evaluation.

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