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What to Expect When You Report a Crime to the UIC police

When an individual reports a crime to the UIC Police, the police will discuss various options with the individual for further action. If an individual wants to press charges, a police report is created and the individual is informed about the criminal process. As part of the process, the police may conduct an investigation and may communicate with various law enforcement officials. When students are involved, a copy of the police report is also submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students for possible action through the student conduct process.

The UIC Police can assist victims who wish to report a sexual assault or other crime to local law enforcement agencies. The UIC Police can offer on-going support for victims as needed with law enforcement agencies.

In cases of interpersonal violence, the UIC Police informs victims about available support services (e.g. Campus Advocacy Network [CAN] and Counseling Center) and supply Campus Advocacy Network and UIC Guide to Resources for Victims of Violent Crime brochures. Officers are also asked to offer the victim the opportunity to sign a "Permission to Contact" form that will initiate a follow-up contact by CAN advocacy staff.

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