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Confidential and Anonymous Reporting

Many individuals are concerned about confidentiality when reporting crimes. It is important for individuals to feel safe to report crimes while still ensuring the accurate documentation of crimes in our community. Crime reporting is important because it can aid in holding perpetrators accountable, it helps UIC direct resources to prevent future crimes, and it raises awareness of the issue of crime in our community in general. You have several options for reporting crimes:

Anonymous reporting

If you would like to make an anonymous report of a crime that has occurred on campus you can fill out the anonymous crime reporting form available online at this link. Also, individuals identified as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) should use this form to report crime.

Confidential reporting

Confidential reports can be made to the Counseling Center and the Campus Advocacy Network. These offices provide confidential reporting and can assist individuals in identifying options to address their concerns.

Do I tell the student I need to make a report of this incident of campus crime?

Yes. It is important to inform the student that you will need to fill out an anonymous campus crime reporting form. Communicate to the student that the form is necessary to assist the University in addressing safety issues, reporting accurate crime data to the campus and complying with federal law. This form does not have any identifying information such as name, address and phone number and the information will be reported as aggregate data without identifying individuals.

In situations where anonymity cannot be kept, that is, another unit or a supervisor must be told about the crime incident, the limits of confidentiality must be stated to the student. In these cases, tell the student if the police, administrators, or supervisors will be informed of the incident and whether the name of the student is included in that report.

Online Campus Crime Reporting Form (https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/5019834)

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