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Prevention programs for sexual assault

All new students receive information about sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking through mandatory orientation on an annual basis. The program provides information about common situations experienced by students, campus and community resources, bystander responses, and how to help someone close to you who is experiencing interpersonal violence. Annual presentations are also made to parents who participate in orientation regarding resources on campus for students who experience sexual assault or interpersonal violence.

Additional educational activities include: poster campaigns and public service announcements with anti-violence messages, workshops designed to provide information about sexual assault and interpersonal violence, and information disseminated to the campus through programs, booths at student fairs, and web and social networking sites.

The Campus Advocacy Network (CAN) provides anti-violence and bystander education to the campus through teaching classes and conducting workshops on request for faculty, staff and student organizations. The campus receives an electronic reminder of services available through CAN via e-mail twice a semester. CAN staff assist students and student organizations in organizing campus-wide, anti-violence campaigns and violence awareness programs. CAN staff also work with student groups such as Men Against Sexual Violence (MASV) to develop male allies for prevention of sexual assault and interpersonal violence.

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