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How We Inform the Campus Community of Crime

  • UICPD makes timely reports, called "Urgent Crime Alerts," of recent crimes that may affect the quality of life in the greater campus area. The alerts are intended to raise the community's awareness and motivate implementation of personal safety strategies. UICPD makes every effort to issue Urgent Crime Alerts within 24 hours of the occurrence of the crime (by the next business day), however, it sometimes takes longer to confirm all pertinent information.
  • Crime Alerts are delivered via UIC e-mail

In the event of an ongoing emergency incident UIC Police initiates a layered notification process maintained to provide:

  • Audible/Visual Alert notices of emergency/criminal activity.
  • SMS system that gives specific notice and instructions of how to respond and/or avoid emergency/criminal activity.
  • UIC Web page
  • UIC Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • UIC Urgent e-mail

The Public Crime Log is available for inspection at the UIC Police Station, (943 W. Maxwell, Chicago, IL 60608) during regular business hours.

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